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Why Choose Utah School of Pet Grooming?
Did you know that on a Google search of the “11 top rated dog grooming businesses in the State of Utah” (our home base)  , 6 of those businesses are owned/run by our graduates!?  https://www.expertise.com/ut/salt-lake-city/dog-groomers
We have students coming to our school internationally as well as from all over the United States.
Graduates  have the proven skills set, knowledge, and support to have a successful career working in a shop, veterinary office, to start their own business working out of a commercial property, a store front shop at home or even a mobile grooming van.


Utah School of Pet Grooming Program is for the busy active adult.  We offer two time slots per class.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Morning: 8am to 2pm =  6 hours
Afternoon: 2pm to 8pm = 6 hours

We have a few payment options ( 3, 6, & 12 month payment options, call for details) OAC, if the student is unable to take advantage of our wonderful specials that require tuition and tools to be paid IN-FULL before certain deadlines.


K-9 & Equine Psychology course

Both Professional Grooming & Hobby class include this wonderful ONE WEEK course FREE!

Week 1: K9 & Equine Psychology Class

Five fun-filled sessions… Mon, Tues, Wed (Thurs is an optional Bonus Anatomy class) 9am-2pm & Sat 9am-12pm, weather permitting.

Day 1 Monday: Foundation Decoding the Universal Language all animals share. This class is about the “why”. Understanding dog language and how to fulfill their instinctual needs.

Day 2 Tuesday: Simple no-nonsense, easy to follow tips and tools K-9 Language 101 Attendees are shocked with how simple it is to make immediate adjustments to frustrating behaviors in their canine companions. Introduction to understanding equine instinct and language.

Day 3 Wednesday: Hands-On workshop for you and your dog! (Bring your dog)

Day 4 Thursday: Elective (not mandatory) Bonus dog Anatomy class.

Day 5 Saturday: Hands on equine experience! Saturday 12-4, weather permitting. Guaranteed to blow your mind! Interact on an instinctual level and understand horse language Family friendly indoor opportunity to interact with a variety of unique horses, ponies, and an EXTREMELY rare Zorse ( mom is a horse, dad is an African Zebra).

Meet Our Zebra Horses = Zorses.

Tequila, Zeb & Joe Exotic! These amazing animals have so much to teach us when it comes to being gentle, loving and all accepting. They feel things on a whole different level. They know how you are feeling even before you do! They are truly telepathic & empathic! You will never meet another creature as special as these three! Our students get the honor to work with these gentle giants and it helps them learn and grow…it takes their grooming to an entire different level because the Zorses help to teach our students timing, gentleness and kindness…which transitions into a well rounded groomer!

Meet our Sweet Hybrid Wolf/Dog: Luna

Please meet Luna a new addition to our K-9 / Equine class. She is a wonderful 1 year old Wolf Hybrid, who is beyond intelligent and fits in perfectly with our school’s dog Pack! We are so excited because she can teach our students so much about Canine/Wolf instinct and the hierarchy of the canine world. She is a true ALPHA through and through, it is an amazing thing to witness as Luna learns her true place in our school’s dog pack. Her gentle self assured manner is helping our current dog pack become calmer and more at ease because they know she will take control of any situation and keep them safe. As a new addition to our K-9 / Equine training course, we are excited for you to have this experience of learning from such an instinctual creature!

Happy Dog in the Bath

Weeks 2 – 12: Professional Grooming Course

Classes are Mon, Tues, Wed 8am-2pm OR 2pm-8pm

Chapter 1: Mastering Leadership…Energy is Everything​

Chapter 2: Canine Control, Canine Anatomy, Senior Dogs: 7 things a senior dog would like to tell you and Physical Aliments: ​

Chapter 3: External & Internal Parasites, Skin Disorders​

Chapter 4: Exploring your options in the pet grooming industry

Chapter 5: Beginning Hands on Training

Chapter 6: Bath, Brush & Grooming Assistant: Bathing & Drying

Chapter 7: Rough-In Pre-Finish

Chapter 8: Basic Pet Grooming: Introduction to Heads*, Breed Patterns & Styles

Chapter 9: Client Reception & Care

​Total Professional Grooming Package: = $11,245


Job Placement and Assistance Program

Utah School of Pet Grooming offers placement assistance in order to help students find work in the pet grooming field. Utah School of Pet Grooming maintains a file of Pet Grooming shops that are seeking positions to fill. The school will also refer students to employers who may have contacted the school seeking to hire graduates.

Utah School of Pet Grooming in no way promises or gives ANY guarantee of job placement or wage and salary levels.

Please contact us for specials, pricing & combination discounts: 801-355-0847 or classes@utahspg.com

Not looking for a career?

Check out our new Hobby Groomer Course – learn the skills you need to groom your own pets at home, including our revolutionary lessons in dog psychology.