You Choose…so many options

Dog Trainer, Bather or go all way to Professional Pet Stylist…
With our program, you’ll have the skills to achieve YOUR GOALS… Open your own business or be an asset to any salon.  We offer you a lifelong partnership and an opportunity to learn from the best!

We are right there with you supporting your personal career goals, assist in getting your dream job, in-home business or if you have the drive and desire to open a shop of your own. We’ve got your back

Program Choices

Course #1: Dog Psychology & Behavioral Modification Class – 8 to 16 hours of hands-on training & lecture, $455

This training is POWERFUL and unique. Understand dog language and how to fulfill their instinctual needs. You can also work with our fantastic horses and gain knowledge of the universal language and energy animals share. Become aware of your own energy and the power you have to influence animals as well as people.

Participants who complete the course receive a certificate of completion.
Class is held the first Monday thru Wednesday of the month from 2 to 5pm.
Optional horse program is scheduled with the instructor.

Course #2: Bath Brush & Grooming Assistant Course – 100 hours of hands-on training & lecture, $1,195

Imagine having a Bather career on steroids. Canine communication skills, along with customer care to wow your employer, create brush outs with beautiful outline trims, plus nail care, ear care, de-matting, and all the fun stuff.

Upon completion receive a certificate as a “Bather / Grooming Assistant”.
Move on to basic stylist training immediately or when you’re ready.

Course #3 – Basic Pet Grooming Certificate Course – 220 hours of hands-on training & lecture, $2,950

From Amateur to Professional, flexible (full or part time). Customized to your personal style of learning.

Upon completion receive certificate of training.

Course #4 – Advanced Professional Pet Stylist – Career & Business Plan Creation, 160 hours hands-on & lecture, $1495

This is for those interested in a higher level of career development. If you have an interest in future business ownership or just desire the challenge of mastering advanced styles, creative grooming, hair coloring or would even like to add Asian Fusion to your list of talents this may be for you. Flexible (full or part time).

Upon completion receive a certificate, beautiful plaque and commercial quality video showcasing achievements for use in your professional portfolio.

Join our graduates who have dedicated themselves and become some of the top achievers in this industry! With many business owners, working in salons, for veterinarians, owners of in home businesses, small & large shops with control of their own future and income!

Please contact us for specials, pricing & combination discounts

Not looking for a career?

Check out our new Hobby Groomer Course – learn the skills you need to groom your own pets at home, including our revolutionary lessons in dog psychology.

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    Job Placement and Assistance Program

    Utah School of Pet Grooming offers placement assistance in order to help students find work in the pet grooming field. Utah School of Pet Grooming maintains a file of Pet Grooming shops that are seeking positions to fill. The school will also refer students to employers who may have contacted the school seeking to hire graduates.

    Utah School of Pet Grooming in no way promises or gives ANY guarantee of job placement or wage and salary levels.


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