Amateur to Professional Pet Grooming Course

Utah School of Pet Grooming

Utah School of Pet Grooming

Amateur to professional pet grooming course

Are you ready to make THAT change in your life?  To dedicate time and energy to YOUR dreams? If you’ve considered becoming a pet stylist you’ve come to the right place “UTAH SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING”. Our staff is dedicated to your success, teaching the POSITIVE-LIFE-CHANGING skills you’re looking for. Can you imagine a gratifying career in the pet styling profession?  Students will learn in an enjoyable environment of professionalism and high standards. Develop gentle and effective handling skills so they can win the trust and cooperation of pets. “UTAH SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING” uses the proven “A Cut Above training techniques” with many skilled graduates in its twenty-five year history.  Our trainers will equip you with the ability to enter the pet styling industry with confidence as a pet stylist in salons, veterinary clinics, mobile grooming and Kennels or open your own business.

You’ll learn at your pace.  Our program is a total of 320 hours is flexible and can be customized to your needs.  We offer full time, finish in 8 short weeks (8 hours a day Tuesday thru Saturday) or part time (4 hours a day).


Program Outline

(The book “Cesar’s Way” is included with the training package)

Students will learn dog ANATOMY; for a better understanding of the animals comfort and physical limitations during the grooming and training process, PET CPR, Dog PSYCHOLOGY: that it’s not about the dog. Everything begins with your energy, state of mind and approach. You are the source of a dog’s calm submissive state, and the dog is looking to you (student/handler) for guidance. If your energy is anxious, nervous, over excited, angry, frustrated, or some other negative the dog will reflect that energy. If your inconsistent in applying rules, the dog will test to see what he or she can get away with. If your energy is calm, assertive and consistent in teaching and enforcing rules, you will earn the dog’s trust. He or she will follow and look to you for guidance.

Students will combine pet psychology with a solid foundation of the beginning basics of pet grooming. Implementing control techniques and position to establish a calm, submissive controlled pet. Gain a solid understanding of proper tool usage, tool maintenance. Develop muscle memory and safe habits avoiding injuries or skin irritation to the pet. Level 2 is important to set the foundation for muscle memory and to achieve high quality pet styling with confidence.

During level 2 students will learn: ear anatomy, ear cleaning and care, nail care, anal gland anatomy, safety for pet/student, proper and humane coat brush out, de-shedding procedures, de-matting techniques, avoiding injuries and skin irritation, proper tool usage, tool maintenance. Students will also become familiar with the basic kennel trim and clip downs.

During Level 3 students will master how to achieve a professionally bathed and dried pet. The only way to achieving a top quality finish is with a clean comfortable pet.

Students will learn how to recognize skin conditions, parasites, control positions, how to properly apply shampoo, wash the pet, express anal glands, blow dry & finish brush. The use of therapeutic shampoos, how to avoid injuries, as well as eye, ear and skin irritations. Students will learn to implement and develop time efficient bathing and drying habits.

During level 4 students will practise and master proper and humane coat brush out, de-shedding procedures, final de-matting technique, avoiding injuries and skin irritation. As well as back brushing technique to create a smooth high quality finished body and legs. Scissor armpits, feet & delicate areas. Master ear care, ear and tail trimming. Practice and develop safe, time efficient habits.

During level 5 students will master the art of professional pet styling. Learn how to recognize and create breed patterns as well as catering to unique customer requests. There will be a tremendous focus on gaining confidence and developing your own unique and creative style. Creative grooming for mixed breeds, poodles, longhaired and purebred patterns, etc., will be taught. Outline Shaping, Guide Blade Techniques, Fine Finish Techniques, Breed Designs, Straight and Curly Coat Scissoring, Pet Handling & Psychology, Individualized Customer Request Styling.

Level 6 is all about showcasing students newly learned pet styling skills; blending techniques, line refinement, cut downs, outline shaping, balance and proportion. Demonstrating an understanding of breed designs and application. Developing safe, time efficient habits along with creative styling skills. Students will be aware of and continue practicing calm, assertive, consistent energy. During level 6 student will prioritize increasing time efficiency and developing muscle memory. Speed should increase during level 5 and 6 and continue after entering the job market while retaining professional quality pet styling. Students have the opportunity of showing professionalism in the career of pet grooming while building their portfolio book of certificates as well as before and after photos of each breed pattern they pass of during “Utah School of Pet Grooming”s “Professional Pet Grooming Course”.

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