Additional Services

Utah School of Pet Grooming

Utah School of Pet Grooming

Additional Services

***Excessive Matting (Each additional 15 minutes of brushing and combing)  $7

***De-shedding Package Includes: De-shed shampoo, Omega 3/Fatty Acid Skin & Coat Conditioner, Coat Sealer (Promotes a clean & healthy coat for up to 3 weeks), 15 minutes of extra furminating for excess shedding coat removal.   $15

***Skin & Coat Conditioning Soak Package Includes: Moisturizing Oatmeal shampoo, Skin Soothing Omega 3/Fatty Acid Skin & Coat Conditioner allowed to soak into the skin for 5 minutes, Coat Sealer (Promotes a clean & healthy coat for up to 3 weeks).  $10

***Hypoallergenic Shampoo Soak with Skin Conditioner   $10

***Blueberry Face Wash and Massage   $3

***Pawdicure Nails clipped and dremeled to create a soft round edge   $6

***Diva Package For Girls A creative combination or your choice of Bows, Scarf, Feathers, Jewels or Nail Polish.   $6

***Bad To The Bone For Boys A Creative combination of Scarf & some handsome Feather bling.  $6

***Comfort & Desensitizing Zen Time Additional time and if necessary an extra helper to offer comfort for a stressed out more difficult pet.  More time is taken to help work pet through issues that have caused trauma in the past to make the grooming experience much more enjoyable  $10

***ULTIMATE HEALTH BREATH FRESHENING Teeth are Brushed & Polished with a soothing breath freshening foam, Pawdicure, Skin & Coat Conditioning Soak Package, Blueberry Face Wash with Massage and Diva Bling for the girls or Bad to the Bone Bling for the boys.  $25

NOTE: Please call for a quote for your pet’s specific trims or style. Prices vary based on the pets size, coat condition or type of coat, style of trim. We require all pets to be current on vaccinations prior to scheduled groom

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