Earn extra income! Learn how to groom friends, family and your own dog at home as a Hobby Groomer!

You’ll gain the skills and confidence to groom your dog at home with an understanding of safe grooming techniques, proper tool use to keep you and your dog safe, and how to make the process enjoyable for you and the dog.


K-9 & Equine Psychology course

FREE K-9 and Equine Psychology Class – get an in-depth understanding of Behavior Modification

Regular price $655 per person, FREE to Hobby Class attendees plus their guest – a $910 value!

Week 1: K9 & Equine Psychology Class

Four fun-filled sessions…Mon, Tues, Wed 5pm-8pm & Sat 9am-12pm, weather permitting.

Day 1: Foundation Decoding the Universal Language all animals share. This class is about the “why”. Understanding dog language and how to fulfill their instinctual needs.

Day 2: Simple no-nonsense, easy to follow tips and tools K-9 Language 101 Attendees are shocked with how simple it is to make immediate adjustments to frustrating behaviors in their canine companions. Introduction to understanding equine instinct and language.

Day 3: Hands-On workshop for you and your dog! (Bring your dog)

Day 4: Hands on equine experience! Saturday 12-4, weather permitting. Guaranteed to blow your mind! Interact on an instinctual level and understand horse language Family friendly indoor opportunity to interact with a variety of unique horses, ponies, and an EXTREMELY rare Zorse ( mom is a horse, dad is an African Zebra).

Week 2: Hobby Grooming Class

Classes are Mon – Fri 5pm-8pm

Bring the same dog for all 5 days of class. Should have hair long enough to groom and cannot be aggressive!

Day 5  

  • K-9 anatomy
  • Practice behavior modification techniques with your dog.
  • Clip and Dremel nails
  • Safe and comfortable De-matting technique, brush and coat comb out.

Day 6 & 7 

  • Clipper and blade care
  • Correct and safe use of equipment
  • Clip body and legs

Day 8

  • Safety and control while bathing
  • Safety and comfort when using a high velocity dryer
  • Ear care; ear evaluation, hair removal and cleaning

Day 9

  • Styling head, ears and tail
  • Finish work

AMOUNT: = $1,500

You’ll receive all the tools you’ll need to get started…

Equipment Package Includes:

25 High-Quality Tools

  • Andis One Speed Clipper
    • (1) – #10 clipper blades
    • (1) – #7F clipper blades
    • (1) – #7F clipper blades
    • (1) – #5F clipper blade
  • Medium-size nail clipper
  • Hemostats
  • Psychology: “Cesar’s Way”
  • Cooling Tile
  • Clipper Case
  • Guard Comb Set (4)
  • Straight Shears
  • Curved Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Metal Comb med/fine
  • De-matting Slicker
  • Medium Soft Slicker
  • 3 leads

Once the student has taken possession of the toolkit, registration costs are non-refundable (after the 3-day cooling-off period.) The toolkit is the student’s property and responsibility. Free equipment is based on the entire package paid in full. USPG is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Hobby Groomer Training

Includes Equipment Package

You get:
Registration fee for Hobby Groomer Course
Class Tuition & Equipment Package
K9 & Equine Behavior Class
Equipment Package
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