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We believe in challenging the status quo
with a completely different approach.

We are DEDICATED to improving the pet grooming industry ONE PERSON…ONE PET at a time!

Half the battle is showing up, for most people it’s also the most difficult step between you and a career you’ll love. Imagine a team focused on your vision, embracing your individual strengths, creativity and style. Honesty in the areas you need to improve, as well as overcoming real life fears and challenges. The second game changer is our unique approach to an in-depth understanding of how a dog thinks, why they react the way they do and how to quickly improve the grooming experience.

Join us in making a difference.

We teach the proven ‘Cut Above’ methods with many skilled graduates in our twenty five year history. Our graduates have dedicated themselves and worked hard to become some of the top achievers in this industry. Working in salons, for veterinarians, owners of in home businesses, small & large shops with control of their own future and income! Thriving in enjoyable careers they love!

You could be in your NEW gratifying career in a matter of months.